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About Us


  • Smith's Depot is a family based web-store specializing in sewing patterns that started on Amazon and Ebay in 2013.  We have grown so large in the last two years that we made the decision to start our own unique website.
  • We are also mission based, 10% of our sales will be donated to a needy sewing ministry.  If you have a sewing ministry in mind that are in need please email us and we will consider donating to their mission and cause.
  • We are located in the foothills of Mt.Baker Washington in a small town named Kendall Population 6,000 give or take.
  • All photos taken were done by our Photographer & General Manager Meghann.  She not only takes excellent sewing pattern photos but also amazing wild-life photos.
  • Owner and Web-Site designer Casey works hard at improving navigation on our site.  He is an awesome over-achiever and spends hours daily tweaking our pages to make our site even better. 
  • Owner and Customer Service Specialist Wendi handles the day to day operations/emails and keeps us all busy.